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Best School in Trivandrum

Updated: Mar 5, 2023


"Having children is the joy of every family. On the same note, children are a way through which not only continuity of a family lineage, but also continuity of mankind is ensured. In this regard every person strives to ensure that his or her children are brought up in the best way possible".

Among the basic needs that children should get is good education. Therefore , getting a good school for a child is every parent's priority. How L V H S,POTHENCODE helps to accomplish the needs of parents and students or Why L V H S, POTHENCODE is one of the best schools not only in Thiruvananthapuram district but also in Kerala.

Our school is gifted by God with the grace of Nature which gives a positive energy to the students and also enrich learning.

To begin with, a good school should have the required facilities to make learning possible. We have good infrastructure with multistoried buildings with more than 45 smart class rooms, science lab, computer labs and a hitech library with lots of books for reading and also for reference.

It is important to note that children join schools when they are very young and much of their socialization and cultural modification processes take place at school. It is the prayer of every parent that his or her child will be well mannered. Therefore we give priority to good discipline. Each and every student is getting keen observation and preference always. The whole school is under the observation of 35 CCTV cameras which is always monitored by the authorities. Each block in our school is under the monitoring of subject based staff rooms which ensures strict discipline.

Teachers are guides of learners and they highly influence what students learn at school. We have a good team of academically qualified teachers to improve academic excellence. We give continuous care and attention to our all students for their overall performance.

The aim of education is not just to have academic excellence ,but to have people with all round developments . So we mix our curricular and co curricular activities to produce learners who are well fitted to enhance development in the society. The proverb "A sound mind in a sound body" is our motto regarding the health of our students. so we give proper importance to physical education. We have an international multipurpose stadium, volley ball court and expert coaching, sports hostel and we also provides training for roller skating, kung fu, karate and other martial arts.

Students are getting opportunities to join various units like S P C, SCOUTS AND GUIDES, JRC, LITTLE KITES according to their interest.

English language is the key to the entire universe. Therefore we provide abundant live situations, language games and opportunities to our students to overcome the difficulties in communication through the programme 'GOTEC' (Global Opportunities Through English Communication).

Society expects people who have gone to school should be able to solve problems more logically compared to those who didn't have gone to school. So we give ample opportunity for our students to mingle well within the community. Our students are always ready to offer helping hands to the needy in the society.

No doubt L V H S , POTHENCODE is always with you to fulfill your dreams regarding your children.


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