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The STUDENT POLICE CADET (SPC) Project is a school-based youth improvement activity that trains secondary school understudies to advance as future pioneers of a just society by instilling inside them regard for the law, discipline, community sense, sympathy for defenseless areas of society and protection from social wrongs. The venture additionally empowers youth to investigate and build up their inborn abilities, along these lines enabling them to oppose the development of negative propensities, for example, social prejudice, substance misuse, freak conduct, and mutinous brutality. Similarly, it fortifies inside them duty towards their family, the network, and nature. 


• Is a relationship between the instructive and security systems of an express, that trains and urges youth to create regard for law and work on complying with law as a lifestyle. 

• Uses existing system, foundation and authority characteristics of Police to enhance physical, mental and instructive advancement of youth 

• Enables school networks to make safe school conditions and certain adolescent ready to respond against social wrongs, and discover answers for network issues 

• Stimulates guardians and network pioneers to work with police in making more secure networks 



(Naval Wing)

The National Cadet Corps is the adolescent wing of Armed Forces with its central command at New Delhi, Delhi, India. It is available to class and undergrads on willful premise. Public Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization, including the Army, Navy and Air Wing, occupied with prepping the young people of the nation into trained and energetic residents. The National Cadet Corps in India is a deliberate association which initiates cadets from secondary schools, higher auxiliary, universities and colleges all over India. The Cadets are given essential military preparing in little arms and marches. The officials and cadets have no obligation for dynamic military help once they complete their course.



LVHS fulfilled a new dream in 2015. It was none, other than Junior Red Cross (JRC). A test is conducted to 8thstd students for getting admitted to JRC. Training on personal hygiene, First aid, Traffic rules and Farming is imparted to all JRC students. JRC team stamps its presence in all the school programmes coordinating teachers. D. S. Vishnu and D.R. Binu train the JRC team. First batch of JRC secured 16 full A Plus and 12 nine A Plus. It was followed by the second batch in 2019. They scored 12 Full A plus and 7 nine A Plus



The Bharat Scouts and guides is Voluntary non political Educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and method concieved by the founder Baden Powel.
The Purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achiveng the full physical, intellectual social and spiritual potentials as an individual as responsible citizens and members iof the local national and international communities.
Scouts and guides in LVHS was started from the beginning of school itself. But the functions of the movement then ceased for several years. In 2006 scouts and guides movements restarted in our school. Scouts and guides was managed by Sri. G. Rajeev and Smt. Vineetha. M. S. After some years by Smt. K. Ashakumary took the charge of guides scouts and guides play an important role in the character formation of student. The work of this school of scouts and guides is exemplary in fostering service readiness and good altitude.
Our school has been able to produce Raja Puraskar Award winners in every academic year. Rajya Puraskar Award winners will get certificates signed by honorary Kerala Governor and they will also get grace marks for S.S.L.C Examination. 
Little Kites.png


Little kites club started in our school in the same year it was formed in the state. The members of the club were selected from 8th standard students on the basis of an entrance test conducted during January 2018. LK Club of our school has 40 members. Our school IT Co-ordinator  Sri. Vinod .P. R, Smt Priya. P, Smt Divya K I are in charge of the LK Club. The students make good use of its activities organised by the club. In addition to regular classes good trainings are also being conducted. The club imparts IT awareness along with regular studies for the students. The Caring of the HiTech classroom equipments is also assigned as the responsibility of the LK members. A school level magazine is being prepared by the students from the year of formation of LK Club in our school. Main functions in our school are recorded using DSLR camera by our LK students and are properly archived. In the last acedemic year, 36 students of our LK Club could secure Grace mark due to the activities of this club.The students who exhibit good performance are selected for subdistrict, District and state level camps.In this era of predominance of social media platforms it is very happy to note that these group of students are able to adapt good things and develop awareness among others.

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