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LVHS - Pothencode

2019 - 2020



          LVHS  is the Crown of Kaniyapuam Subdistrict. There are so many feathers in the crown, in the field of sports and games. The games LVHS promote are Aquatics, Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Chess, Cricket, Cycling, Kabaddi, Karate, Kho-Kho, Netball, Roller skating, Football, Shuttle badminton, Tug of War, and Volleyball.

          Our 50 students could participate in Revenue School Meet. Two students were blessed to represent Kerala in the National School Meet. One of them was awarded gold medal in Cycling.

          LVHS is so dear to Kaniyapuram Subdistrict as its products won Kabaddi Junior Boys, and Senior Girls, Junior Boys, Volleyball and Senior Boys, Netball Team events. Three students won Karate, One in Shuttle Badminton and one in boxing, one in weight lifting and another one in cycling. Girls also excelled when they won silver medal in Junior girls Kabaddi and Sub Junior Boys and Girls chess. Our Senior Boys Kho-Kho team was awarded Bronze.

          Not only on land but also in water, LVHS became the best. Our products came to LVHS with 11 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze after the  meet. 5 students participated in the revenue meet. One student represented Thiruvananathapuram for Revenue meet, one student represented Kerala in the National meet.

          LVHS fixed its glamour when it won 10th Position, having 2 gold, 5 silver and 9 Bronze, in the overall Revenue Athletics meet. Our girls won 11th position with 14 points and boys 9th position with 10 points.

Reliance Athletic meet also uplifts LVHS when its students won 2nd in 200 meter race and First prize in Long jump.

Two students in Taekwondo participated in National Schools Meet. Other 2 won Gold and one got silver in Amateur Taekwondo meet.

          Our student stars from LNCPE won 4 Golds in Taekwondo, 2 in Aquatics and one in Athletics in National and one was awarded Bronze in Taekwondo.

          The students who won medals in state or participated in Nationals will get 60 marks in SSLC and up to 20 score in PSC Exams.

LVHS is so particular in making our students completely Fit. SO we have been conducting complete Fitness tests. Through this, our students will be able to know their abilities, their health condition, their body composition and preferable sports.

In the coming year, we concentrate more on Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho & Athletics to enable more student to participate in National meets.


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