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Little kites club started in our school in the same year it was formed in the state. The members of the club were selected from 8th standard students on the basis of an entrance test conducted during January 2018. LK Club of our school has 40 members. Our school IT Co-ordinator  Sri. Vinod .P. R, Smt Priya. P, Smt Divya K I are in charge of the LK Club. The students make good use of its activities organised by the club. In addition to regular classes good trainings are also being conducted. The club imparts IT awareness along with regular studies for the students. The Caring of the HiTech classroom equipments is also assigned as the responsibility of the LK members. A school level magazine is being prepared by the students from the year of formation of LK Club in our school. Main functions in our school are recorded using DSLR camera by our LK students and are properly archived. In the last acedemic year, 36 students of our LK Club could secure Grace mark due to the activities of this club.The students who exhibit good performance are selected for subdistrict, District and state level camps.In this era of predominance of social media platforms it is very happy to note that these group of students are able to adapt good things and develop awareness among others.
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