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Parent Details
Name Of Mother
Name Of Mother (Malayalam)
Name Of Father
Name Of Father (Malayalam)
Guardian *
If "Other" (Specify Relation)
Name of Guardian *
Occupation of Parent /  Guardian
Annual Income (Rs)
Address Details
House Name *
Street / Place *
Revenue Dist.
State *
Whether Grama Panchayath, Municipality, Corporation ?
If Grama Panchayath (Specify)
District Panchayath
Block Panchayath
Name of Local Body
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Pin Code *
Phone Number *
Student's E-Mail ID
Previous School Details
T. C. No.
T. C. Date
Date of Admission
Date Of Leaving
School Previously Attended
Admission Details
Date of Admission
Date of Birth (In Figures) *
Date of Birth (In Words)
Place of Birth
Blood Group
Religion *
Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Islam, Jain, Sikh, Buddist, Bahai, Secular, Judaism,, Non-Religion
Category *
(General, SC, ST, OB, OEC)
Class Of Admission
Standard Of Admission *
Division Of Admission
Student's Best Friend's Full Name (Optional)
(If the student want to sit with friend's class)
Current Details
Standard Studied *
Division Studied
Whether CWSN (Children With Special Needs)
If "Yes" Specify
If Learning Disability
Mother Tongue*
Medium Of Instruction *
First Language 1
Malayalam, Addl Eng, Addl Hindi, Sanskrit (A), Arabic (O), Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Sanskrit (O)
First Language 2
Malayalam, Spl Eng, F Science, Spl Sanskrit, Arabic (O), Urdu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Sanskrit (O)
Third Language 
General Knowledge, Hindi
Vaccination Details
Two Identification Marks
Health & Sports
Does the Student have any health Issues? (If Yes Explain)
Does the Student Participated in any Sports? (Even Club level) (If Yes Explain)
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