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These are the programmes implemented by government and aided schools in Kerala under the support of RMSA.Sradha and Navaprabha provide academic support for the 8th standard and 9th standard students respectively who are lagging behind in studies owing to social, financial and other reasons so that they can come on a par with other students.

  In our school also we conduct these programmes very seriously.only 15% of students from 8 th and 9th standards are included in these projects.The students who are poor in academics are identified through a pre_test and on the basis of the result, selected for the programmes.we are conducting classes for these students after class hours.

    We lay stress on improving students' grasp of fundamentals so that they achieve the requisite learning outcomes without fail.

   The students who are selected for Sradha and Navaprabha projects are under the continuous monitoring and support of an expert panel of teachers.Thus we take care of the academic improvement of all type of students in our school.


 There is a proverb:" Charity begins at home". This proverb evoked a thought in our minds to organise a KARUNYA KOOTTAYMA _ SNEHATHANAL in our school two years back.As school is the second home for the students,it is the duty of we teachers to develop moral values in their mind and to make them kind at heart and to possess compassion from their early days towards the weak and the needy in the society.

      Our students are always ready to give their help to the weak and the needy.We supply 'snehathinte pothichoru' (food packets from students and teachers' home) to the nearby karunalaya and also give chance to our students to spend time with the inmates there.We rendered our help towards the needy people who were affected by the severe flood in Alappuzha and Wayanad in the last two years.We also provided good clothes to the residents of Saigramam. 

    We are conducting a great project called'SAHAPADIKKORU KAITHANGU __VEETTILEKKORU KUNJADU' under the snehathanal karunyakoottayma for the last two years.It is a project implemented by us to help the needy students of our own school and thereby their families.

    We provided savings boxes to our students those who are interested and ready to help and the amount collected from the boxes, from the contribution of our staff and PTA and also by the amount collected from selling the newspapers,we supplied 5 baby goats ( KUNJADU ) to 5 students of our school in 2019 February and in 2020 January,we were lucky to increase the number of baby goats (KUNJADU) to 15 and thereby brought happiness to 15 families.

     The main motto of Snehathanal karunyakoottayma is to teach our children good things and to inculcate moral values in them, because it will build a better society.


 Vidyajyothi is a programme of the district panchayat to improve the SSLC pass percentage and academic standards in schools under it.

      The programme, started in association with the DIET after an analysis of the district's results of the 2016 SSLC examinations.Focus is on subjects such as English, Mathematics, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

    Handbooks were also prepared for the students with the basic ideas in these subjects in association with DIET and distributed in all schools under the district panchayat.

   In our school also we conduct the vidyajyothi programme with much effort and effective planning.We select students from 10th standard who are poor in academics based on their results of 9th standard exams.After discussion with their parents , we conduct classes for them every day after the school hours.We are providing counseling classes and motivational classes frequently for the vidyajyothi students and also for their parents to give them enough confidence to face the exams. We give them some extra curricular activities also inorder to make a strong bond between the students and the teachers.In the academic year 2019-20,they prepared vidyajyothi candles under the guidance of teachers and they contributed the money collected from that for the charity programmes of our school.That was really a wonderful experience for them and also for us.

   We give continuous support and confidence to our vidyajyothi students.We maintain a continuous and strong rapport with their parents.We succeeded in making a feel in their mind that their school is always with them for their success.We conducted vidyajyothi camp also for our students last year by giving importance to each subject.Our school is always with the vidyajyothi with the vidyajyothi students from the beginning of the academic year towards the end,till they are appearing for the SSLC exam.Thus we succeed in improving the pass percentage and also the grades of our students.Each and Every student is that much important and worthy for our school.







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