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The STUDENT POLICE CADET (SPC) Project is a school-based youth improvement activity that trains secondary school understudies to advance as future pioneers of a just society by instilling inside them regard for the law, discipline, community sense, sympathy for defenseless areas of society and protection from social wrongs. The venture additionally empowers youth to investigate and build up their inborn abilities, along these lines enabling them to oppose the development of negative propensities, for example, social prejudice, substance misuse, freak conduct, and mutinous brutality. Similarly, it fortifies inside them duty towards their family, the network, and nature. 



• Is a relationship between the instructive and security systems of an express, that trains and urges youth to create regard for law and work on complying with law as a lifestyle. 

• Uses existing system, foundation and authority characteristics of Police to enhance physical, mental and instructive advancement of youth 

• Enables school networks to make safe school conditions and certain adolescent ready to respond against social wrongs, and discover answers for network issues 

• Stimulates guardians and network pioneers to work with police in making more secure networks

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